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Giving up on dreams of that high-country hideaway? Don’t bail yet—these ninja tips will help you snag your home in one of the craziest real estate markets in the country. From psychics to realtors, here's advice on how to build, find, snag and rent your

He's why you sound so good on that painted piano. If you’ve been in Fort Collins for any stretch of time, you’ve run across a colorfully painted piano sitting improbably outside somewhere, just waiting to be played. The Pianos About Town program is a collaboration between

Need an easy home refresh? Jump on the peel-and-stick wallpaper craze. Gone are the days of mixing wallpaper paste, slathering it on, rolling paper out and praying it stays. Removable wallpaper is having a moment, appearing in geometric patterns, tiger and zebra prints, pop art bursts

These aren’t your grandma’s blooms. Go bigger and bolder with fresh garden-inspired picks. Vivid Impressions Colorado-based natural light portrait photographer Robin Wilkinson lights up ordinary wall space with vibrant Scottish thistle. $50, etsy.com Perky Petals Make a poised statement with 3-D layers in a brilliant, 20-inch-wide glossy wall-art

Warm summer nights under cool starry skies call for deep-seated comfort. After all, in NoCo we spend months in our outdoor living spaces and life’s too short to perch on unforgiving little wicker chairs, so you might as well invest and design with the same

Wildfires don't just threaten our landscape. They threaten our bodies, too. Wildfires consume and turn to ash anything in their reach. Homes dissolve, communities disappear and entire mountain ranges are left naked and scorched.  It’s easy to see and feel the danger when a wildfire is bearing

From posh hotels to cabins down by the river, a few of our favorite pooch-friendly mountain escapes. Whether you're a luxury lover or a catch-your-own-dinner kind of traveler, one thing makes any getaway sweeter: Having your four-legged friend in tow. Check out these destinations where tail-waggers

Plant-based healing at the original pharmacy. As a kid, Sarah Josey would pick plants from her Northern Colorado yard, mix them up into magic potions and serve them to ailing family members. Today, the CSU biochemistry major–turned–Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism graduate owns Fort Collins’ chief

One NoCo nonprofit shows people living with dementia that there’s still plenty of joy to be had in everyday life. It’s a vibrant Sunday afternoon in Old Town, and Beaver’s Market is brimming with customers. Among them, an elderly woman pushes her cart through the

Delinquent cougar cubs get a second chance at survival. Remember Travis Kauffman, the mountain lion killer? He’s recovering fine, thank you very much. Oh, and the siblings of the “kitten” that attacked him? They’re also on the mend.  Kauffman was able to fend off an attack from