Five finds for dog-lovers to snag from this purveyor of all-things-pets.

Wagz is where dogs sometimes outnumber humans. Cheri Corrado’s Old Town pet supply boutique—minus the boutique prices—draws pups and owners with high-quality food, specialty treats and top-seller bulk snacks. (Cats, there’s a nook here for you, too.), Pop in for these summer bests.

1. Cool Threads

Ruffwear is big at Wagz. The Oregon-born canine outdoor line impresses with crucial hot-weather pieces like the Swamp Cooler™ dog cooling vest. Soak in water, wring out and let the evaporative cooling pull heat from your pooch.

2. Spa Time

The grooming space at Wagz is intentionally kept quiet. One-on-one appointments ensure zero kennel wait time and thoughtful comforts like head wraps to reduce dryer noise, table covers to promote traction. All-natural shampoos and conditioners and calming essential oils contribute to stress-free clips and brushes.

3. Free Treats and Cuddles

This is your pet’s happy place. Wagz is a wander-in, free-loving environment with pet-obsessed staff and treats on tap. A recent renovation unfolded more room to roam for larger dogs and a fitting area to try on booties and vests.

4. Feel-Good Practices

Wagz’s Rescue Wear™ program is saving the earth one leash at a time. The shop buys used leashes, harnesses and collars, and sanitizes and resells them for half the price of new ones. A portion of proceeds goes to charities such as Big Bones Canine Rescue.

5. Sunday Sundaes

Wagz will continue its beloved Sunday tradition once a month, June through August, setting up a Sunday Doggie Sundae ™ tent outside to give away doggie sundaes while collecting donations for local charity. Pups pick their own sprinkles (crushed up dog treats) to top their scoops.

132 N. College Ave., 970-482-9249,

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