The FoCo Vinyl-Lover’s Guide

Here’s where to shop to expand your collection.

Brand Spanking Used

This Old Town thrift store is packed to the gills with all sorts of knickknacks. However, they also have a large collection of vinyl—it’s mostly made up of children’s albums and ancient Broadway cast recordings, but for someone looking for records a little more out-there, this is the place.

Rock N’ Robin’s

While the weed culture in the joint is impressive (it shares space with a dispensary), the store also has an admirable record collection. But, perhaps the best part of this store is their special orders program. “If people want something, we can try to order it,” says Clay Cheney, an employee of the store. “Some things you can’t get, but most things you can, and there’s more and more on vinyl everyday.”

Barnes & Noble Booksellers

We started out with twelve albums here [about four years ago],” says music department employee Beverly Schreck, “and within the first year, we had close to a thousand.” The selection is a plus, but downside is they only carry new vinyl.

Bizarre Bazaar

The collection at this FoCo icon is so expansive that they have baskets of records with a cover on them reading “for overstock, do not browse” stowed beneath their collection. Records are exclusively used, imbuing them with the classic vinyl pops and whizzes that vinyl enthusiasts so appreciate.

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