A lifelong love of fashion and fishing merge in a cool new line for women.

When it comes to outdoor gear for women, the days of “shrink it and pink it” are coming to an end. 

With a modern, streamlined fit tailored for the female figure, the new Summers & Co popover fly vest still has all the bells and whistles you’d expect, only without the awkward fit of bulkier unisex or male-styled vests on the market.

“Women are ready to move on from wearing fishing apparel that doesn’t fit their bodies and/or personalities,” says Cara Smith, founder and owner. Smith grew up fishing with her grandfather, legendary rod maker Bob Summers, and, like her granddad, Smith won’t sell a product she wouldn’t use herself. And the truth is, for many women, being imbued with a sense of femininity, athleticism, grace and adventure, Smith says, is vital to the outdoor experience. We’re also betting it’s the only fishing vest on the market with a sizing guide that includes a measurement for bust. “Right now there’s nothing out there that looks like it,” Smith said. “Whatever currently exists is either not very attractive or doesn’t fit well.”

Even with fewer pockets than you may need for an average day trip, the Popover has enough storage space for longer excursions to carry essentials like phone, gear and snacks.“When you’re a petite woman,” says Smith, “too many bulky pockets can really hinder your ability to move freely and quickly. I wanted to simplify things.” 

The fabric is breathable, lightweight and water-repellent (including the zippers), and has a high collar to help protect against insects and UV rays. It also comes in more than just the basic masculine khakis and greens, and with cool colors (with even cooler names) like White Marabou and Stellar.

Find the popover vest for $119 online at summerscompany.com.
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