We’re digging this FoCo icon’s next generation of life-proof gear. 

CURT RICHARDSON’S DRYBOXES HAVE kept our keys and wallets safe from oceans and rivers since ’98. His injection-molded protective cases toilet-drop-proof our Apple, Samsung, LG and Google smart products. And now, the Fort Collins innovator’s OtterBox Venture and Trooper coolers promise to be our frosty beer’s best friend.

The new cooler line hollers back to the company’s outdoor industry roots. Richardson and wife Nancy founded OtterBox—named for the playful, waterproof-furred mammal—in their garage while brainstorming a way to carry passports on their deep-sea diving adventures.

Like the phone case line, the new made-in-America Venture coolers are created through injection molding, making them more durable with an impressive 14-day ice-retention time. Users can customize and add features such as wheels, side tables, separators, cup holders and bottle openers. Camping cooks appreciate the side table with the cutting board add-on, while beach-goers dig the wheels. Keeping up with the Yetis, OtterBox also announced its Trooper soft-sided lightweight coolers earlier this year. Their spin? Rather than the typical soft-sided cooler zipper lid, OtterBox soft coolers feature flip-top and wide-mouth lids that stay open when you’re loading or unloading.

209 S. Meldrum St., 970-825-5650, otterproducts.com

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