Your Spring (Energy) Clean

You’ve KonMaried and scrubbed and polished—but don’t forget your other spring-cleaning to-do list.

Already worked your way through the seasonal window-washing and rug shaking? Great. But what about the intangible parts of our homes? The lingering negative residue. The unwanted stale or stuck energy. There’s a clean for that. Usher in fresh, positive vibes with these three steps.

1. Declutter the Kitchen

This room is strongly tied to our health. So when cupboards and refrigerator drawers are overflowing or dank, it clutters and blocks the kitchen’s natural energy flow. Start by deep cleaning appliances, fixtures and pots and pans. Remove old food and toss expired spices and condiments. Introduce vibrant plants and grow fragrant herbs like basil or mint on the windowsill. Finally, open all the windows on a sunny afternoon and let the fresh spring air create a pathway for nourishing energy.

2. Add Dashes of Feng Shui

The Chinese art of drawing positive energy into the home starts with clearing out cramped and crowded corners. Walk your space and remove excess from any blocked energy areas. Create balance and symmetry on both sides of your bed and use mirrors (with careful placement) to refresh and calm the energy in the home.

3. Introduce Orange and Lavender

Take a cue from ancient traditions and use essential oils to revitalize your home. Orange and lavender are said to clear negative energy and breathe new life into heavy or sad areas. Lavender is also loved for its soothing, sleep-supporting properties. Diffuse the oils in water or use organic essential oil sprays. 

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