These blooms are guaranteed to thrive in NoCo gardens.

As the ground thaws, check your favorite nursery for these three winners from the Colorado State University Trial Gardens to plant now.

1. Judges awarded “Best in Show” to the Argyranthemum “Pure White Butterfly” for the brilliant blooms that covered the plant continuously through the season, even when most flowers withered in the summer heat. This continuous growth means gardeners don’t need to deadhead to keep the blooms coming.

2. “Summerific Cherry Cheesecake” hibiscus was a winner in the perennial category—these plate-sized flowers bring a pop of exotic color to Colorado.

3. The “Cool Wave Frost Pansy” nailed “Best in Show” for cold-weather blooms in 2016. It’s ability to spread makes it perfect for hanging baskets.

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—Chryss Cada

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