Trending: Millennial Pink

Rarely has a color made an impact quite as impressive as the hue (or, more precisely, collection of hues—more on this later) known as millennial pink. It has inspired commentary and think pieces far beyond shelter magazines and design blogs. With all this attention, one would think it would be easy to define, yet this sophisticated and subtle shade is most frequently described by what it is not: girly, hot, or the color of bubblegum. It is muted and cool with a retro vibe and touches of peach or pale taupe that may look dusty or ashen. That’s a lot of adjectives, which is why the name millennial pink is often bestowed on any shade that defies easy categorization—less a color than an idea. And yet, color it is; after all, you can’t paint your walls or furnish a room with an idea. So how do you use it? Juxtapose it with white to make it pop or black to see it fade into a restrained neutral. The key is to cultivate the personality you desire by how much space you give it and by the items and contrasting tints with which it is surrounded.

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