The Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, or perfect imperfection, inspires artist Steffanie Woodward, who creates from a renovated 1973 Airstream trailer-turned-studio high in a NoCo canyon. This is where the Lera Ceramics founder hand-molds her elegant pots, embracing every tiny dent and fingerprint, honoring her grandmother’s Swedish roots—Lera is Swedish for clay—and Scandinavian design’s organic simplicity. The 45-year-old Vancouver native began making clay pots in her kitchen for fun. She made and made, fired and glazed, until one day her husband said, “We can’t house all these things; why don’t you try to sell them?” A Craigslist ad and two weeks later, Woodward had sold her entire cache. Her porcelain creations range from 2×2-inch succulent pots (plants not included) to hanging planters. $15–$40, 

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