Paper For The People

Need an easy home refresh? Jump on the peel-and-stick wallpaper craze.

Gone are the days of mixing wallpaper paste, slathering it on, rolling paper out and praying it stays. Removable wallpaper is having a moment, appearing in geometric patterns, tiger and zebra prints, pop art bursts and even functional chalkboards.

At 25 dollars a roll and up this isn’t a cheap fix—but it’s design-y, fast and has maximum impact. We pulled in award-winning Colorado interior designer Jennifer Jelinek to share top tricks and tips for making the trend work for you.

Go bold. Use patterns or colors that intrigue you but might be too intimidating to install permanently. Temporary wallpaper is a great way to experiment, push yourself and test your comfort levels.

Start small. Envelop an entry hall, mudroom or laundry room for a nook-specific statement.

Think beyond walls. Cover a table top, console or dresser in a fun pattern to liven up a dated piece.

Look up. Put it on a headboard wall or ceiling in a bedroom. Ceilings are often forgotten and the bedroom is the ideal place to highlight it.

Change with the seasons. Harness the power of paint—minus the permanence—and give any room a regular seasonal refresh, switching out wallpaper to add texture, dashes of dimension or instant color pops.

Don’t: Try to wallpaper textured surfaces. 

Do: Look into vinyl-based wallpaper for bathrooms. And check with the manufacturer to ensure stickiness in damp spaces.

Find it: Cute Target and Home Depot papers start around $25 a roll; check out Etsy, West Elm and Anthropologie for on-trend prints around $50 a roll and up.  

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