Object of Desire

Colorado native Andy Weiss is breathing new life into old decks with his handmade lamps crafted from reclaimed skateboards. Fort Collins-based Genuine Woodworking—Weiss’ one-man online marketplace—takes donated broken and unskateable boards and transforms their colored maple veneers into funky lamps, folding pocket knifes, drink coasters and high-demand smartphone speakers.

The 42-year-old woodworker attributes his carpentry skills to building skateboard ramps as a teenager (back in the pre-public-skatepark days). His hobby making home décor pieces for friends steamrolled into a full-on business, riding Weiss’ need to supplement his passion project, local nonprofit Launch Community Through Skateboarding. Weiss’ lamps are made to order in an average of seven hours, with five skateboards coming together to create a single lamp. $100, etsy.com/shop/GenuineWoodworking

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