Mysterious Matte Black

The new it color is making a refined dramatic mark. 

TaRGET SELLS MATTE BLACK DINNER PLATES. KitchenAid cloaked its classic mixer in the muted shade. It’s even making cameos on cabinets and bath tiles. Turns out black is the new black and, just as it does in fashion, the neutral tone flatters.

We called on design assistant Suzette Gebhardt of Colorado Staging Company—a home staging, design and consulting agency—for tips on how to incorporate stunning and simple matte black into everyday interiors.

Instant Gratification:

Hang a black chalkboard or a woven black rug on a blank wall.

Invest in some versatile large, black lanterns.

Spray paint a set of old, mismatched frames matte black and arrange a gallery wall.

Weekend Project:

Swap dated cabinet hardware for an updated matte black version. Choose simple knobs or bar pulls to add a clean look.

Repaint your front door matte black for lots of drama for only a small financial investment.

Hang graphic black and white wallpaper to liven up your powder room or install it behind shelves of a built-in bookcase.

True Commitment:

Check out the newest available finish of kitchen appliances. An entire kitchen suite in slate or matte black can add oomph to a tired space.

Paint lower kitchen cabinets or your island matte black for depth.

Tile a utility space such as an entry, bathroom, or laundry room with a graphic cement tile or classic black penny tiles.

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