Houseplant Takeover

Houseplants are the new kids? The Los Angeles Times suggested it. We’ll entertain it. Work on your plant parenting with these all-star green thumb goods.

Welded Worlds
Science fiction meets ornate Victorian glass houses in these French geodesic terrariums with striking illumination. email for price;

Difficult-to-kill indoor plants are all the rage. Among them, aloe. Water this soothing giver’s plump leaves as little as every three weeks.

Artisanal H2O
Crafted from naturally antibacterial solid copper, the Kaenjusai Watering Can doubles as stunning, balanced décor. $250,

Stand + Deliver
Brighten up an office or bathroom with glazed ceramic Wright Standing Planters atop dark wood sculptural bases. $69–$99,

Vertical Expansion
(at top)
Succulents hang in a wooden planter box or pop as a table centerpiece. It’s greenery gone art and a thoughtful housewarming gift. $30,

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