A new wave of FoCo residents coming to a ’hood near you.

In our ever-growing list of Choice City accolades, FoCo recently earned a nod from Where to Retire magazine. Editor Annette Fuller says relocating retirees often choose a destination with good walkability. “Many people spend years commuting to jobs in heavy traffic and retirees revel in getting away from that. Foot transportation is healthy, since it increases stamina and reduces pollution and traffic congestion. It is also wonderfully free. We found that [cities like] Fort Collins make walking easy and convenient with inviting downtowns, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and miles of trails to explore.”

But it’s not just that we’re attractive to them—towns like ours should also consider the benefit of attracting retirees. According to the mag, relocating retirees are healthier, better educated and more affluent than those who choose to not relocate, and they bring significant economic benefits to their new states and hometowns.

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