Five great soups for the winter season.

Spoons, Soups and Salads
Soup Pick: 90 Shilling green chile cheddar
Fort Collins’ grab-n-go (or stay) local chain has earned a loyal following with its Colorado-inspired soups such as the green chile cheddar made with generous pours of Odell Brewing’s 90 Shilling Ale. Six FoCo locations serve 10 homemade soups, seven hand-tossed salads and 11 savory sandwiches every day but Sunday. The prices are low, frills are nil and soups are rich with regionally grown produce. Six locations,

B&B’s Pickle Barrel
Soup Pick: French onion
The Barrel is the Cheers of campus pubs—almost everyone is a regular and they’ll make a point of remembering your name. Crisp winter days beg for a crock of the institution’s French onion soup and a pint of whatever’s on tap from New Belgium’s seasonal lineup. Enjoy your meal on a barstool with the hockey game on—in true Pickle Barrel fashion. 122 W. Laurel St., 970-484-0235,

Coopersmith’s Pub & Brewing
Soup Pick: Tomato mushroom bisque
This massive bar-restaurant-brewery-pool hall quiets down to a quaint, cozy buzz when you’re hovered over a bowl of tomato mushroom bisque. The oldest brewpub in Fort Collins takes a hearty combo of ripe tomatoes, fresh herbs and earthy mushrooms and tops it with shaved Parmesan. The tavern fav comes with a side of housemade Horsetooth Stout beer bread and honey-butter. 5 Old Town Square, 970-498-0483,

Young’s Cafe
Soup Pick: Beef noodle
Driving the pho train before it became trendy, Young’s traditional beef noodle soup (pho bo) is a brothy, snow-day utopia. Your choice of rice noodles or soft noodles swims with tender beef slices in a clear, flavorful beef broth. The authentic Vietnamese dish comes with a plate of bean sprouts, Thai basil, jalapenos and lime wedges with Sriracha and hoisin sauce at the ready. 3307 S. College Ave., 970-223-8000,

Fiona’s Delicatessen & Catering
Soup Pick: Clam chowder
Fiona’s is one of those delis where well-sourced ingredients and solid kitchen talent is front and center. The clam chowder is a year-round example of this. A spicy zing hits the back of your throat in a perfect cream-broth balance, with nibbles of clam, carrots, celery and onion in every spoonful. This chowder has depth. Pair it with a hot grilled sandwich or call it a light lunch and snag a chocolate-peanut-butter bar from the bakery on your way out. 1001 E. Harmony Rd., 970-530-2120,

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