Sometimes I daydream about selling everything and moving to a tropical paradise where I do nothing more than snorkel and nap in a hammock. But it is possible to enjoy some tropical bliss without airfare at Rush Bowls—all you need is a Paradise Bowl and a spoon. Born in NoCo 15 years ago, the healthy bowl chain churns out a delicious bevy of fruit-based goodness. The Paradise whips up fresh mango and pineapple with guava juice and creamy frozen yogurt and weighs in at 210 calories. Bowls come with a choice of toppings; I like mine with bright blueberries, granola and honey, or try a pinch of coconut or smattering of strawberries. For more tropical flavors, a Beach Bowl with acai, banana and mango satisfies, too. You can make your bowl even healthier with protein or immune supplements, but these wholesome ingredients are already delightful au natural. 
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