Until a year ago, when I first visited Maza Kabob with a colleague, I’m not sure I could have identified the flavors that constitute Afghan cuisine. But once I tasted the eponymous Maza kabob entree, I realized what I’ve been missing. Steak tips marinated in ginger, garlic and onion are skewered and grilled, served alongside potato korma—a zesty, curried dish with cumin, chili and coriander. The kabob also is served with a crunchy Afghan salad—fresh tomato, cilantro, cucumber and homemade vinaigrette, on a bed of basmati rice that soaks up all the delicious korma sauce. If you need your tastebuds reset after a long winter of bland comfort foods, this should do it. Also cool: a children’s menu that doesn’t dumb down the flavor. Kids are served flavorful pint-sized portions of challow (rice) dishes, with or without meat, just like mom and dad. mazakabob.com 

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