Dish to Die For: Creamy Classic

AFTER THE CRISP AND LIGHT foods of summer, heartier fare really starts to call my name. It just so happens that pasta is my love language, and Nick’s Homestyle makes a bucatini carbonara so sumptuous it’s difficult to believe I ever ascribe to a gluten-free, dairy-free lifestyle. Because, frankly, it feels like a life without joy in the face of this dish. Salty pecorino, bacon, cream and egg yolk coat a perfectly cooked, al dente pasta. Instead of the usual parsley, Nick’s adds a bit of mint which perfectly offsets the richness of the sauce. Nick’s is open daily for lunch and dinner, and if you’re looking for authentic Italian—pizza, pasta, antipasti and more, this is your place. Bonus: We appreciate the full bar and a knowledgeable staff. 1100 S. College Ave., Shawna Jackson

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