Beyond Chicken Fingers

Where to find kids-menu options that don’t make you cringe.

We explored popular Fort Collins menus to find smart, well-rounded—and delicious—eats for your littlest diners.

Restaurant 415
Look to the small plates where you’ll discover veggies cloaked in flavorful layers. There’s lemon-butter broccoli, orange-garlic Brussels sprouts and a spaghetti squash singing in basil, parsley, garlic and parm. Picky eater? Steer toward the kid pie, a mini pizza made with locally sourced organic flour, house red sauce and mozzarella.  415 S. Mason St., 970-407-0415,

Tasty Harmony
Bring your open-minded eater to this vegetarian and vegan haven for some plant-based goodness. The hand-held Asian lettuce wraps are fun and tasty with tofu, stir-fried veggies, cherry tomatoes and wontons folded in Bibb leaves. To drink: the A.B.C. smoothie built with almond milk, raw cacao, almond butter, frozen banana, dates and raw honey. 160 W. Oak St., 970-689-3234,

Avogadro’s Number
Avo’s loves its kiddo customers and has carved out a segment of its massive menu for the younger set. Kids snag bites of PB&J sided with celery and carrots in between games of hide-and-seek around the treehouse out back. Tempeh taco Thursdays is another hit—a trio of hard shells comes stacked with lettuce, tomato, cheese, homemade salsa, green chili and sour cream. 605 S. Mason St., 970-493-5555,

Visit the Lighter Side of the menu for the organic housemade granola; a wholesome gluten-free oat-based treat loaded with sunflower seeds, pecans and walnuts and served with unsweetened Greek yogurt and fresh fruit. 2601 S. Lemay Ave., 970-672-8647,

Feel good about this Colorado chain’s nature-first philosophy—no preservatives or additives, all-natural Black Angus, housemade sauces and dressings and fries cooked in trans-fat-free canola oil. Order your kid’s turkey or beef burger with a side of protein-packed edamame, applesauce and Horizon organic milk or Honest Kids juice. Tip: Kids eat free with adult purchase on Monday nights. 2539 S. College Ave., 970-484-8141,

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