X Marks the Scot

As the last summer tourists disappear from Estes Park, the townspeople take a moment to dust off their kilts and prepare for one last serious hurrah.

The Long’s Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Fest in Estes Park celebrates its 40th Anniversary this September with a super-sized version of its usual log-rolling, haggis-eating good times. Here are our top three things not to miss when you go:

Tattoo Estes. Although you could end up with one if you drink too many pints, this particular “tattoo” refers to military music; here, top bands (pipe and brass, fife and drum) compete for top honors.

The games. Folks in kilts throwing hammers and 140-pound poles? We’re ringside for that.

Jousting. Sure, the Pope outlawed it back in the day (because too many dead knights), but this is Colorado, and we’re rugged individualists. With armor.

More on the anniversary extravaganza at scotfest.com. —C.M.

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