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Bison calves arrive home on the range.

Last spring for the first time in 150 years, wild native bison were born under the wide-open sky of the Northern Colorado prairie.

“We were incredibly happy to see the herd welcome six new calves last year,” said Jennifer Barfield, the CSU reproductive physiologist who worked to bring the 10-member “seed herd” of bison home to public lands 25 miles north of Fort Collins. “We didn’t know if all of the bison would remain pregnant with all of the changes that were occurring for them, but they adjusted well.”

Since its release in November 2015, the herd has been spotted thundering across its 1,000-acre home in Soapstone Prairie Natural Area and Red Mountain Open Space.

The odds of seeing a young bison will be even greater this spring—the herd is expected to add seven fuzzy new members.

The best place to view the new babies is from Rawhide Flats Road. Though catching a glimpse of the tan calves among the darker adults often requires binoculars (their habitat is huge), sometimes the animals are so close to the fence visitors can see their soft undercoats.

Get there: From Rawhide Flats Road/CR 15 junction, go about 4.5 miles north on Rawhide Flats Road and look to the west.
—Chryss Cada

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