You may not want to HAVE to know Tanya Kelsey—she’s FoCo’s resident lice expert and owner of Fort Collins’ My Lice Clinic of America—but you’ll be glad you do. With the kids back in school and organized sports and sleepovers, well, the little buggers do get around.

  • Keep your head to yourself. Ninety-five percent of cases are from head-to-head contact (like with hugging, selfies…)
  • Ditch the quick fixes. Those over-the-counter shampoos don’t kill eggs, and American lice have become resistant to them.
  • Stay calm. Lice don’t carry disease and can only live on your head—not your whole house. Throw linens and laundry in a hot dryer, and helmets, brushes, and combs in the freezer to kill ‘em.
  • Get help. Kelsey and services like hers offer diagnosis and one-and-done dehydrated air treatments. —C.M.
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