Mobile Memories

Leslie Reeve’s offbeat trailer with a purpose is coming to a fest near you. 

Originally, Leslie Reeve’s dad bought the 1968 camper for her to make memories of outdoor adventures with her two children. When her father died three months after giving her the camper, Reeves put her love and grief into renovating his final gift to her, and was inspired to use it helping other people make memories: She turned it into a mobile photo booth. 

“Dad had bought it sight unseen and it turned out to need a lot more work than he realized,” Reeves says. “My parents always taught me that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade—so that’s what I did with the camper.”

Reeves, who has a degree in interior design with a certificate in architectural drafting, gutted the camper and gave it a full reno, adding a white vinyl couch and room for plenty of props and backdrops. She calls it The Weathered Oak. “I wanted it to be a place to tell a story about the people who visit it,” she says. Reeves does this with the help of suitcases full of sunglasses, mustaches, signs and masks. “People don’t just come in, sit down and get their photo taken. We create something new for each group.” 

Since opening the trailer door at FoCoMix in April, The Weathered Oak has traveled to festivals, weddings and corporate events around Northern Colorado. Unlike the stationary photo booths found at amusement parks and other attractions, Reeves’ mobile booth uses state-of-the-art equipment (camera, printer, touchscreen, software that can offer GIFs, black and white photos, sepia or color), high-quality photo paper and layered 3500k beauty lighting that dims to put everyone in their best light.

“With instant photos, they can leave and take a piece of the event with them, “ she says. “I think it’s amazing to give people the gift of remembering an experience”.

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