How To Bike With Groceries

The key to biking with groceries? These bike accessories will do the trick.

Good: Backpack
A backpack is O.K. for small trips, but it can be very uncomfortable (and sweaty) if you have more than a few items.

BETTER: Bike Basket
Cute and practical! The classic bicycle basket is good to fit a bag or two of groceries, depending on its size. Consider a net or bungee cord to keep everything in place. Also, the weight changes the balance of your handlebars, so be prepared for an arm workout!

BEST: Bike Rack with Bags
A bike rack with detachable panniers (a.k.a. bike bags) are your best bet. You can take the panniers in with you and use them as your grocery cart, so you’ll never over-buy. You can also attach bulkier items like a package of paper towels to the bike rack with bungees.

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