Faces of NoCo

Preston Yankton shares his story.

Age: 29

Where he’s from: North Dakota

What he’s doing: Taking a break from work as a dishwasher at Jaws Sushi

Where we came across him: The Atzlan Center gym, shooting hoops

What he likes best about FoCo: The slow pace

What keeps him up at night: “Well, I cried twice today, when I heard the news about the Dakota Pipeline. It means my people are going to struggle more. There will be more teargas, more mace. All because we want clear water. I also care about equality.”

What his goals are: “I’m going to try like hell to help—I want to help my people. I’m in school now with the hope of becoming a drug and alcohol counselor. I’m full-blooded Lakota Sioux. I want my sons to come up in a world where they’re not looked down upon. I was homeless for most of my 20s. Now I’ve found a place, and I’m in a good place.”

What makes him happy: “Being here, at the gym! I listen to my native music, I shoot hoops, I think.”

—Laura Pritchett

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