A local author creates a heroine for the nerds.

Meghan Scott Molin—architecture nerd, professional barn manager, mother, and first-time novelist—proudly self-identifies as a geek with an impulsivity problem, just like the protagonist of her debut novel, The Frame Up. Both, says the NoCo author, are curious and sarcastic, but the similarities may well end there. And what makes her character MG Martin—comic-book writer and drag-queen costume designer—a relatable heroine, according to her creator, is that she simply doesn’t have it all together.

“MG is an accidental badass,” says Scott Molin. “She actually came fully formed to me in a dream about my best friend, who is a drag queen, chasing a murderer through the San Diego comic con with a team of drag queens. I woke up laughing out loud and my husband said, ‘You should write a book about it!’”

As a lover of corgis and a devotee of Marvel comics and space sagas, Scott Molin clearly fancies the unconventional. There’s something, she admits, about weaving serpentine plot lines around quirky characters that really gets her excited. But the best part of writing The Frame Up was the nerd jokes.

“I think a lot of nerdy men and women are going to see themselves in the characters in this book,” Scott Molin said. “It’s more than a mystery or detective story. And I love how lighthearted and colorful it is. I think the world might need some fun these days.”

With the second book in the series undergoing final edits (and a targeted release date sometime next summer), she’s already hard at work in the third installment, ready to please the masses of faithful comic-con lovers and geeks everywhere. —A.K.

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