Infidelity, trauma, sibling relationships, marriage.

These are the topics that Fort Collins Reads is hoping the community will tackle with the pick of Ann Patchett’s Commonwealth as this year’s community read and author visit. The novel follows the path of destruction created by a single kiss, one that leads to an affair, a marriage and a strange commonwealth of overlooked children in the resulting blended family. Patchett, a bestselling author acclaimed for her works like Bel Canto and Truth and Beauty, has been on the committee’s wish list for some time—and finally the stars aligned. Patchett will be in town to discuss her novel at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, November 5, at The Hilton in Fort Collins. Tickets go on sale after Labor Day at locally owned bookstores and at public libraries. Pick up a copy of the book today at one of our favorites, Old Firehouse BooksLaura Pritchett

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