Catching Up With: The Seers

This indie folk-rock duo is one of FoCo’s hardest working bands.

If Sean Waters and Brian Collins look familiar, it’s because you’ve definitely seen them around—the duo has played more than 120 shows each year for the past three years. Collins, who is blind, plays piano, with Waters on guitar; the two have been in bands together since 2000 and have a catalog of more than 600 songs. We caught up with them to discuss their evolution as a duo and their new album, Signals.

What brought you two together?

SW: “We first got together to jam at Brian’s place in the mountains, and we just clicked. We improvised really naturally together, so after that first session together we scheduled another jam, and then another and that evolved into our first band.”

How has your music evolved over the past 16 years?

BC: We started out playing piano and guitar when we first played together. As we learned more songs we added more musicians, creating three-piece, four-piece, five-piece, and six-piece bands, but started playing as a duo in 2011, with our first real show as an acoustic duo at Equinox Brewery. Playing intimate rooms as a duo returned us to our roots and we started focusing more on songs that we both love.

How has having a blind member of the band influenced your musical journey?

SW: For one, Brian’s musical ear is top notch, so that makes learning songs and improvising a lot easier. We don’t like to travel too much because in new environments Brian is more reliant on others to find what he needs, so we’ve found a nice way to play a ton of shows with limited travel while still building the markets along the Front Range. We’re on track to play 140 shows this year.

This year you released a new EP, Signals. What can listeners expect?

It’s an eclectic mix of songs drawing from indie, folk, alternative rock, classic rock and blues. The whole album has a feel-good vibe. It’s our greatest record yet and we put a lot of time and energy into it.

What’s the don’t-miss track from Signals?

They’re all so different in their own ways. “Just Relax” is the most progressive, deep and accomplished song, especially if you like classic rock. “Exposed” is the most fun and light heart-hearted, “Woman” is the most rocking song and “Got Me” is the sweetest.

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—Allison LeCain

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