Casting for Inspiration

The FT3—the self-described “pre-eminent exhibition of fly-fishing cinema”—hits town this spring.

What Sundance is to indie geeks and the Banff Mountain film fest is to adrenaline junkies, so is the Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) to the rod-and-reel crowd. The fest features eight films set in far-flung locations (this year’s lineup includes Siberia, Mexico, Kamchatka), with each focusing on the quest for a particular species of fish—chasing tarpon, trout, salmon and more.

Spokesperson for The F3T Doug Powell says each tour stop is a gathering of the fly fishing tribe in each city. “It’s a way to celebrate the sport, talk about upcoming trips and dream about bucket list locations in the future,” said Powell. The Northern Colorado stop is a highlight on the film tour because it home to a vibrant large community of fly fishers, and, according to Powell, one of the greatest fly shops in the entire country, St. Peter’s Fly Shop. “[St. Peter’s is] the reason we started coming to Fort Collins—and also why Fort Collins is one of our favorite stops on the tour.”

The 11th Annual Fly Fishing Film Tour comes to the Lincoln Center on March 25 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $17 at

—Allison LeCain

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