A celebration of life in an Airstream trailer.

ATTENTION ROAD SCHOOLERS, tiny home aficionados and those of us nursing escape fantasies: a new book, Living the Airstream Life (Harper Design, 2017), documents the stories of those living the dream. With rich photos, history, and compelling personal stories, Karen Flett tells the story of the RV that became a cultural icon and is making a minimalist-living comeback. Here, Flett’s top six reasons for chucking it all for life on the road in a (very) small space:

1. Less maintenance. No mulching, raking, staining, weeding, mowing, planting, trimming, shoveling.

2. Better health. Less need for money equals less stress and more time spent living, not working.

3. Flexibility. Less time tied to the grindstone means you’re free to be spontaneous, chase opportunities.

4. Less debt. No need for a home equity loan to finish off the basement or build that outdoor kitchen. A good RV or tiny home costs a tenth of a traditional mortgage.

5. More time. If you weren’t working long hours and sweating through home maintenance, what else could you be doing?

6. Life simplification. Small spaces mean letting go of clutter—and becoming a seriously conscious consumer of stuff.

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