March 2019

Hard sparkling water gives drinkers an option on the lighter side. Hard seltzer is the shiny starlet perched on the red carpet. It’s the new technology everyone wants. It’s the chart-topping pop song you secretly stream.  It’s just so hot.  That’s likely because hard seltzer, or hard sparkling

Until a year ago, when I first visited Maza Kabob with a colleague, I’m not sure I could have identified the flavors that constitute Afghan cuisine. But once I tasted the eponymous Maza kabob entree, I realized what I’ve been missing. Steak tips marinated in

Leslie Reeve’s offbeat trailer with a purpose is coming to a fest near you.  Originally, Leslie Reeve’s dad bought the 1968 camper for her to make memories of outdoor adventures with her two children. When her father died three months after giving her the camper, Reeves

The Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, or perfect imperfection, inspires artist Steffanie Woodward, who creates from a renovated 1973 Airstream trailer-turned-studio high in a NoCo canyon. This is where the Lera Ceramics founder hand-molds her elegant pots, embracing every tiny dent and fingerprint, honoring her grandmother’s

You’ve KonMaried and scrubbed and polished—but don’t forget your other spring-cleaning to-do list. Already worked your way through the seasonal window-washing and rug shaking? Great. But what about the intangible parts of our homes? The lingering negative residue. The unwanted stale or stuck energy. There’s a

At first glance, you might not relish the hour-long commute to town, but that’s part of what makes this 4,500-square-foot, four bedroom/four bath Red Feather hideaway so seductive—it’s where you go to get gone. It wasn’t much of a challenge to imagine ourselves unwinding with

One teacher takes his school's focus on deeper learning to heart, empowering students to take action on an important environmental issue. It’s a brisk Tuesday morning in February, and a group of Poudre School District students are underwater. Clad in scuba gear—masks, fins and buoyancy compensators—they

The Fort Collins Candy Emporium is a powerfully nostalgic treat. Tony Vallejos’ Old Town candy shop is making grown ups sob. Recently, a woman welled-up with tears when she saw the Dentyne gum from her childhood—the same gum her late aunt always pulled from her purse. “So